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Theatre Inventory Database Essentials - Lesson 1
Software Registration and Application Setup

1)  Software Registration Key

When the software is purchased a 16 digit Software Registration Key is provided.  If no key is entered the program counts down 30 days.  After the 30 days has expired the program will not open.  The data remains in the data tables and can be accessed once the Software Reg Key is provided.

2)  Application Screen

       *  Name, Address, Logo

       *  Security

       *  Screen Titles

       *  Inventory Owner Module

       *  Sales Tax

It is not required to fill in the Setup screen but the program will open it everytime the database is opened until the Company/School name is entered.

*  The Path (Directory) for Photos will be covered in the Utilities Section, Lesson 2.

Main Menu

The Main menu is made up of 2 columns.  On the left are Modules (Costume Pieces, Props, etc) that can be added or removed as needed.

On the right are functions that are permanent and used by all versions of the database.

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