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Guide to Tags and Labels

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What are the parts of a Tag?

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We custom design each tag and label you order.  Your tags can include:

  • Name or Logo of your school/theatre

  • A sequential number

  • A barcode (optional by strongly encouraged)

  • One or more blank lines (optional)

You will receive a screen print of the design with the Ruler on the top and left - to help you understand the size of the tag or label.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1)  Why should I put tags in every piece of clothing or prop/set piece?  It seems like a lot of work !

Yes it is a lot of work but to identify each item you need a unique identifier - like the number - to know which one is which.  It is especially important if you check out items to performers or other theatres/schools.

2)  Do I need the barcode?

We think so !  You can have your tags printed without the barcode (or even a number)  but it makes you life so much easier if you have it on each tag.  When you scan a barcode you know it will write/display the right number (avoiding typos).  You can use your barcode scanner to help you:

  • Add a costume piece / props/set item  

  • Find a costume piece / props /set item on the main data entry screen

  • Checkout items quickly

  • Check in items really in not time with the Quick Check-in feature.


3)  What is the difference between Tags and Labels?

  • Tags are ironed on or sewn on to a costume piece, accessory or soft goods (table clothes, curtains, etc.)  They are designed to be washed / dried / dry cleaned

  • Labels are self-adhesive stickers - they cannot be washed or dried

4)  What types of Tags and Labels do you have?

  • Iron-on tags - they come in 2 widths - 1.5" and 1".  

  • Sew-in tags - they come in 2 widths - 1.5" and 2"  They can be printed from 0.75" tall to 3 in.

  • Standard Adhesive labels - 2 sizes - 1.5" x 0.5" and 1.9" x 0.75"

  • Industrial Labels - Extra Sticky for many surfaces - 3 sizes - 7/8" x 3/8", 1.25" x 0.5" and 2" x 0.75"

  • Extra Durable - Adhesive Labels with clear laminate over the top

  • Heat Tolerant labels for lighting fixtures

  • Cable Labels - a wrap-around label for cables and cords

See the boards below.  We love to send free samples - please contact us to get some.

Equipment Labels Sample Board-Equip - 2020.jpg

5)  How are your tags printed?

Our tags and labels are printed on Thermal Transfer printers.  The tag materials (iron-on, sew-in, and a variety of Adhesive Labels) are ordered from a firm that specializes in custom made tag and label materials.  

The tags are printed from a continuous roll and are rolled on to smaller rolls for the Customer.

6)  Do customers like your tags and labels?  

Yes, we print over 275,000 tags and labels each year.  Many of our customers come back year after year buying more tags and labels. 


We have printed over 2 million tags and labels since we started in 2010.

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