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Tutorial - Costume Pieces Screen

Costume Piece - Coat 2022.jpg

The Costume Pieces data entry screen is designed to allow you to enter one record for each costume piece.  The Tag ID and descriptive fields and photos are there to help you and others who use the database to learn about the costume piece without having to go to the racks to find the actual garment.

The Topics covered in this tutorial are:

General Introduction to the Data Entry Screens:

All the Data Entry Screens have very similar features and functions.  Once you learn the Costume Pieces screen you can easily understand the other modules - Props/Sets, Wigs, Jewelry, Patterns, etc.

The top of the screen is the Header with the module name, i.e. Costume Pieces on the left side:


1)  Search for Tag ID:  You can search for a Costume Piece record by Tag ID by typing in the number, scanning it with a barcode scanner, or just scrolling down the list.


2)  Search for Costume:  You can search for a costume by Costume ID, Costume Name or one or more words in the Costume Description.  You can also do an "Advanced Search" for a costume piece by many of the description fields.  (See more instructions below)

3)  Go To Next, Previous, First and Last record:  

4)  Add Costume:  Add new Costume Piece Record (See more instructions below)

5)  Copy Costume:  You can copy a costume one or more times to save time on data entry.

6)  Utilities:  You can update the Drop-down/Lookup tables and do a number of other functions.  (See more instructions below).

7)  Save:  You can save your changes to the record.

8)  Save and Close:  Once you are finished with this form you can close it and save your recent changes.

9)  Print Costume Record:  This is a one page report showing the detail and photos for this costume piece.

10)  Update All Costume Current Locations:  You can change the Current Location from what it is to a new location.  For example - you can change all the "Checked In" locations to "Storage" once you have put all the returned items back to their storage location.

11)  Refresh Lookups:  If you have added to or edited a Lookup table (such as Costume Type) you must Refresh those drop-down fields on this screen.

12)  "How To Begin" :  Each form has a popup help menu to help you get started with the current form.

Other Information that may show up on the header:

"Changes Not Saved"  -  This will show up when you have added or edited a record but not saved the changes.  Click on the "Save" button to be sure your changes are saved.

"Needs Repair"  and "Needs Alteration"  -  These will show up when the Costume Piece record is marked with a check mark on the Repairs / Alterations tab.

"Discarded"  - This will appear if the Costume Piece record is marked as Lost or Discarded.  Lost/Discarded records will not show up in Searches or Reports (unless specifically instructed to do so.)

Add Costume Piece

Add Costume Piece

  1. Click on the "Add Costume" button

  2. A popup appears that will allow you to enter a Tag ID.  Note:  Each tag ID must be unique.  You can enter a new Tag ID (by entering the number or scanning a tag that is already in a costume) - or - select the next number in the sequence.

If you are entering Tag ID's that include letters - such as A0001 for Accessories or S0001 for shoes - you can select to see the next number in sequence for any of those ranges by selecting to "Filter for Prefix".  Select the Prefix you want and the next number in that sequence will appear.

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