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Quick Add Feature

The Quick Add feature is available for Costume Pieces, Props/Sets and Patterns

In an effort to make data entry go faster, we have added the “Quick Add” feature.

The 2 parts of the Quick Add feature are the Quick Add Data Entry form and the Utilities form.  Here is an example for Costume Pieces. 


Quick Add Video


Quick Add Utilities Video

Quick Add Data Entry Screen:

QuickAdd 2023-1-11.jpg

Quick Add Utilities Screen:


The Quick Add Data Entry screen has an expanded view of the most commonly used fields where you can quickly click in the "Select" Check box rather than going to each field and using the Drop Down Arrow to select a value.

The Quick Add Utilities screen  has many options to make the Quick Add Data Entry form easier to use.  See more below.

The Steps to use the Quick Add feature are:

1.  Look for the green Quick Add button on the top of the Costume Pieces (Props/Sets, Patterns) data entry screen.  Click on the Quick Add button.

2.  Enter the Costume Piece (Props/Sets) tag ID (just like you would for adding a record the usual way).

3.  The Quick Add form opens and shows the Tag ID at the top of the screen.


For each field shown - look for the value you want and click in or near the Select check box.

For a large screen you should see all the field selection boxes at once.  For small laptops you may need to scroll down a bit.


For the Costume Pieces and Props/Sets there are 2 new tables :  Cost and Replacement Costs.  Since you may not know the exact amount a costume piece, prop or pattern originally cost you can just use an estimate.  The Replacement costs for any item are estimates as well.  The Cost and Replacement costs listed for these fields are just suggestions.  You can change these values in the Quick Add Utilities section.  

Cost Selection.jpg

The Costume (Props/Sets) Name and Description fields are built from one or more selections that you make on the Quick Add screen.  The fields that are used can be selected from the Utilities form.  For example if you pick Costume Type = "Dress" and Color = "Black" .  The Costume name will be "Black Dress ".  If you select the Color Pattern = "Floral" and Time Period = "1950's" the Description will be "Black Floral 1950's Dress".

The Color selection field has 2 parts.  The first selection is for the main color of the Costume Piece/Prop.  You can only pick one color.  The second selection is for all the colors you want listed in the Description.  You can pick as many as you like.

For this example the main color is black and the other colors are Green, Red and White.  The Description would be "Women's  Black, Green, Red, White Polyester Floral 1950's Dress ".

As a reminder - any text in the Description can be searched in the Advanced Search screen.


Quick Add Utilities Screen:

There are 3 parts to the Utilities screen:  

1)  Select the Fields to be used to build the Costume (Props/Sets) Name and Description fields.

2)  Select the records from the tables with the longest lists to show the most commonly used items at the top of the list.

3)  Update the Cost and Replacement Cost tables to add/edit the values you want.


Update the Costume Types list for the most commonly used Costume Types.

Select the Costume Types that you want to show up at the top of the list.  The records with the "=======" is just a place holder to make it easier to see the records at the top.


Take a look at the Utilities Video to see how it works.

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