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Set up your Costume Inventory Work Station !


Having trouble visualizing how to keep all your PC,  inventory tools and tags/labels in one place? 


An Inventory Work Station can be your central place of work to manage your collection.

With your Inventory Work Station you can:

•    Have your computer and tools right at hand

•    Use the database to catalog your collection

•    Search for items in the database

•    Keep your tags/labels in one place.  Apply Iron-on tags
•    Checkout / Check in costumes to other organizations    
•    Create Lists of Costumes used in Productions
•    Print Inventory Reports for administrators

•    Have your Data Entry Guidebook & User Guide available

Creating your own Inventory Work Station is easy !  Click on the number to see more details.

InventoryStation - CloseUp
  1. Tags & Labels - Keep the rolls in a basket so they are easy to find.  Each bag with a roll is marked with the type or materials (Iron-on, Sew-in, etc) plus the starting and ending numbers,1

  2. Petite Press & Mini Ironing Pad - Keep them handy so you can use them right at your station.

  3. Measuring Tape - When you enter the data on the costumes it helps to enter as many measurements of the garment as you can.  Having a measuring tape right at your station is a big help.  Plus you get a free tape measure with your first order !

  4. Scissors - The Inventory Tags come on a continuous roll so it is good to have a sharp scissors ready.

  5. Pins, Safety Pins and Tagging gun - These are helpful to apply a Sew-in tag temporarily if you don’t have your sewing machine near by.  (Tagging gun in basket)

  6. Marking Pens - If you want to mark a tag with the ‘Size’ or other info it is good to have a few pens at hand.  See website for suggestions.

  7. Book box - Having a few resources nearby helps you and your staff - Data Entry Guidebook, Tag and Label Log book (a list of all the tags and labels you have had printed), and the User Guide.

  8. File box - You can store the copies of the Checkout Receipts/Invoices in a small file box so you find them quickly when costumes are returned.        

  9. Barcode Scanner - It is nice to have your scanner close at had but not falling off the table.  Being able to put it on the pegboard is a real time saver and keeps you scanner from being dropped too often.

  10. Computer - Many costume shops use a laptop but any desktop computer will work as well.  Click here to see the specifications.

  11. Peg Board - This is a 2' x 4' pegboard.  They are easy to find at the hardware store or ask your scene shop to get one for you.  You can mount it on the wall or attach it to your table.

  12. Work table - I prefer a 2' x 4' table that can be adjusted to 39" or taller height.  This is a “Husky Adjustable Height Work Table” from that has a crank to move it up and down.  It is very reasonably priced and very sturdy.  

  13. Power - For the computer and Petite Press.    

  14. Internet connection (optional) - It is helpful to send email to customers (search results and checkout receipts) and connect to other computers or printers.

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