This conference is now a "Virtual" conference.  We hope to see you next year !

June 11, 2021  USITT Webinar  -  10 AM Pacific / 1 pm Eastern 

Use your Theatre Inventory to Plan, Rent, and Connect

Having an inventory of your theatre's Costumes, Props/Sets, Wigs, Jewelry, Lighting, Sound Equipment, etc will be a tremendous asset to you. You can use the Theatre and Equipment Inventory databases as a tool to help you plan for future productions, rent/hire items to other theatres or organizations and share lists and photos of your items with others. The Theatre and Equipment Inventory databases are easy to use, can be installed on a single computer or network, and have a very robust set of search options and reports to help you and others on your team. There are several options to use to share your data with others at no cost while keeping your data safe. Join us to see how the Theatre and Equipment Inventory Databases can help you. Brought to you by Costume Inventory Resources.

Here are some handouts mentioned in the webinar:

AACT - Industry Connections - Webinar


Wednesday - Feb 3 at 11 am Pacific, Noon Mtn, 1 pm Central and 2 pm Eastern time.

Topic:  How an Inventory System can help your theatre get organized !

Here is a copy of the slides (PDF) used in the webinar.

Here is a copy of the Web Access to Theatre/Costume Database Resource Guide.   

I presented a webinar on the USITT - Forum @ Four series:


Topic:  If you can't find it, you can't use it.  

Here is a link to the YouTube version:

The webinar covered how to plan and implement an inventory system for your theatre or school.

Here is a brief handout for the webinar: <link>

Click here  to visit a page of additional Resource Guides mentioned in the webinar.

Only you can turn the stage from a dark, silent floor to a dazzling scene.  But if you can't find the right costume, prop, piece of furniture, or equipment - how will you do it? 


An inventory system can help you 1) Identify each item in the collection; 2) Create a detailed description with photos; 3) Assign a storage location;  4) Track rentals and loans so you will know where everything is; and 5) Do searches and print reports to help you manage your collection and share your information.


Inventory systems don't create themselves - they require a lot of planning, time, and money.  Let us help you get started.

Prior to Covid 19 we usually attended 3 or 4 Conferences a year and host a booth and present a seminar.  Please check back to see if we will be attending any conferences in the future.