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Checking MS Access Trust Center Settings

These are instructions for the full version of MS Access® 2010 or 2013/2016/Office 365. If you are
using the MS Access RUNTIME - these settings are not available to you. You will see a Security notice each
time you open the database.

Trust Center / Security Settings:

1. The first time you open MS Access you may see a message to the top of the screen :
Click on the “Enable Content” button.

2. You may see a message that tells you “A potential security concern has been
identified”. You need to check the Macro Security settings in the Options setup (see
below). These settings need to be modified in the MS Access/Office® program. You
need to change the setting on each computer the first time you open MS Access®. After
it is setup once these changes should stay unless the MS Access/Office program is
upgraded by your IT Dept. Then you will have to check the settings again.


To change the Macro Security setting:


  1. Open MS Access® (just open the application – not the Inventory Database)

  2. Click on the “File” menu tab (usually in red at the top left corner)

  3. Click on “Options” (usually near the bottom of the list)

  4. Click on “Trust Center” – the last menu item

  5. Click on “Trust Center Settings” (usually on the right side of the dialog box)

  6. Click on “Macro Settings”

  7. Click on the lowest setting “Enable all macros”. It will tell you that it is not

  8. recommended but it is required to run VBA code and macros that are in the Inventory Databases.

  9. Click “OK” twice to close the menu dialog boxes.

  10. Close MS Access® and reopen it.


The Macro Security setting should now be set to run all the Inventory Databases.



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