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Install Barcode Font

The Inventory Databases use a barcode font to print the Tag ID of a costume, prop, piece of equipment or a script checkout ID in a barcode format on several different reports.  The font file does not install automatically during the program installation.  In earlier versions of the program installation application it would install but as the operating systems of many computers are updated and changed the automatic installation has become unreliable.

    The installation is very simple as long as you have Administrator privileges on your computer.  If the installation does not work when you follow these steps - please ask your IT staff for help.  If you don’t have an IT staff, please call us at Costume & Theatre Inventory Resources (855-468-8247).

The Font file name is:  FRE3OF9X.TTF .  It is copied to the C:\Costume Inventory Resources\Theatre (or Equipment or Uniform) Inventory Database folder during installation.  There may be a shortcut (“Install Barcode Font”  installed on your desktop that you can double-click to open and install the font.    

If there is no shortcut on your desktop copy the file: FRE3OF9X.ttf into the fonts folder.  This is usually: C:\Windows\Fonts.  You can open that folder from the “My Computer” shortcut or you can go to the Control Panel and select “Fonts”.


Double-click on the FRE3OF9X.ttf file name and you should see a screen similar to this.  Click on the Install button.    

Test to be sure the barcode font is working by printing a Repair card or a Checkout/Rental receipt.

1.  If your report does not show a barcode and looks like this report (with large numbers but you can't really read them) then you need to install the font.

2.  If you can't find the font in your C:\Costume Inventory Resources folder, please send us an email and we will send it right away.


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