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How to Apply Iron-on Tags
List of Items You Need:
  • Iron-on tags from Costume Inventory Resources

  • Sharp scissors, rotary cutter or small paper cutter

  • Dritz Petite Press

  • Iron-in board or pad

Pre-heat iron:

1.Turn on the Petite Press – see the #1 in the left window

2.Click button to increase temperature number to 4

3.Wait for the iron to heat (about 5 minutes) – the blinking light will turn solid

Tags are in sequential order on the roll. 


Cut a few tags off at a time


Cut between tags at the cut lines using:  




     Rotary Cutter,

     or a Paper cutter

Cut Tags:

Cutting tags with scissors

Cutting tags with Rotary Cutter

Cutting tags with Fiskars Paper Cutter

Iron Tags on Garment
  1. Position the tag where you want it

  2. Press the tag with the iron.  Hold the iron down firmly for at least 5 seconds (count slowly).

  3. Move the iron over to a new position and hold.  Make sure you have ironed the entire surface including corners.

  4. Remove the iron and let the garment cool.

  5. Test the corners to be sure they are secure.


• Keep an eye on the thermostat light on the Petite Press.  When it starts blinking – give it a few minutes to warm up to temperature again

• Cut only 25 or 50 tags at a time.  It is easy to cut more when you need them.  If you have a lot of loose tags on the table they can get knocked off the table or get lost.

• You can create several small ironing pads using ironing board cover material (from your local fabric store) to cover a few pieces of heavy card board or Masonite.  After ironing a lot of tags you may notice some of the adhesive has leaked through your fabric to the ironing board cover.  You don’t want to stain your good ironing board cover after applying 1,000 tags.  Plus, having several ironing pads can allow several volunteers to work ironing tags at the same time.

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