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Tutorial on Creating Rentals


Introduction:   A rental record is a list of all the items (costumes, props, equipment, etc) that an organization (or individual)  checks out / rents from your shop.


In the Theatre Inventory Database there are 2 types of rentals:


     a) Checkouts - These are designed for students at your school or members of your theatre company or individuals that rent a costume or two .


     b) Rentals - These rentals are designed for large rentals to other organizations (another school, theatre, church, etc).  

Each Individual or Organization must have an Individual or Organization record.  You will create 1 record for each individual and organization.  In the database there is a table for Individuals/Organizations and another table for Checkouts/Rentals.
Steps to create Rental for an Organization:

Create an Organization record.

    a. From the Main Menu - Select Checkouts & Rentals (your title may be different depending on the title you selected from the Utilities / Company - Application Setup  screen.

    b.  Select Renters / Organizations from the Rental Menu

    c.  Click “Add new Organization” button on the top of the form.

    d.  Enter all the information on that organization that you need - Organization name, Contact name, phone number, email, etc.

    e.  Once you are finished you can Close the Organization screen.  On the List of Organizations screen you can then click “Refresh” to see your new organization.  

    f.  Close the List of Organizations screen.

Each Organization should only be entered one time - even if they rent many times from you.

Create a Rental Record

    a.  From the Rental Menu - select Rentals











    b.  Click on the Add New or New Rental button at the top of the screen.





    c.  Go to the Select Organization drop-down field on the left side - at the top of the Rental record form.











    d.  Select the Organization you just created.  You will see the Contact name and other information you entered on the Organization Screen.




    e.  The top of the screen is for information on the Rental such as Receipt #, Date Costumes/Props were checked out, the Return Due Date, etc.  


Enter in as much information as you can.  If you charge Sales tax or apply a discount be sure to enter that information in the appropriate fields.  * Note:  the Sales Tax rate for your shop can be entered on the Company/Application setup screen on the Utilities Menu.

Add the Costumes, Props/Sets, Wigs, etc. that are being rented/checked out.

    a.  Select the appropriate tab - Costume Pieces, Ensembles, Wigs, Props-Sets.

    b.  Place your cursor in the drop-down box.  You may select an item in one of 3 ways:

        1) Scan the barcode with your barcode scanner
        2) Select the Tag ID off the drop-down list
        3) Type in the Tag ID

    c.  Once one item is selected the cursor will drop down to the next record and you can select the next item.  If you wish to enter comments about an item - such as “No Alterations” or “Do Not Paint” - you can do that in the Comments section for each item checked out.

View a video on how to check out costume pieces with the barcode scanner.

Print Receipt

    There are several types of receipts that can be printed:

1) Receipt - with all the details of each item checked out.



2) Brief receipt - a shorter receipt with fewer details

3) Receipt with Photos - a detailed receipt with 1 photo per item checked out.



4) Receipt by Costume/Prop type.  This receipt groups items together by the type of item it is - Shirts, Pants, Tables, Chairs, etc.



5) Summary - This is just a summary list with no Tag ID’s listed.



6) Export to Excel - you can export the data to an Excel spreadsheet.

Remember - all reports can be printed to a printer or a PDF file - which can be emailed.  Click here for the tutorial on how to Print to a PDF.

Here is another tutorial on how to use the "Quick Check-in" feature to check-in a lot of costumes quickly:

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