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Computer Basics - Lesson 2
Installation of the Theatre Inventory Database

The Theatre Inventory Database is designed to work in Windows 7, 8 or 10 and Microsoft Access.  There are several installation options.  See the Resource Guide at right.  Microsoft did not create a version of MS Access for the MAC so it cannot be installed on a Mac directly.  See the section below on Installing Windows on a Mac.

Download:  Database Installation Options  

Software Required:

The Theatre Inventory Database MS Access to run.  You can use the full version of MS Access - versions 2010, 2013 or 2016 or Office 365 - or - you can download the free MS Access Runtime software.  The Runtime version will allow you to open the database and enter data, print reports, export data, etc but not modify the structure of the forms, reports or tables. The Theatre Inventory Database prohibits you from doing this anyway.  (We do recommend that if you are installing this on a network at least one workstation has the full version.)

Download:  Resource Guide for Downloading  MS Access Runtime

For the full list of the Software/Hardware Requirements download this Resource Guide:

Download:  Resource Guide for Installation Information

Download the Theatre Inventory Database:

The Theatre Inventory Database is available for download from the main website,  .  


Look at the following tutorial on how to download and install the database:

Be sure to view the entire tutorial see the possible messages you might encounter during the installation.

Files that will be downloaded and installed:

Theatre Inventory Database 99.9  (the version number) . accdr  - this is the main database application file.  It contains the forms, reports and program code to make the database work.  The file extension is *.accdr which allows it to be opened by MS Access (the full version) or the MS Access Runtime.

Theatre Inventory Database DATAONLY.accdb - this file contains all the tables with the data.  This is the file you need to back up on a regular basis.  If you loose this file - you will have lost all your data.  The main database application file (Theatre Inventory Database 99.9.accdb) is easily replaced either from your own backups or from Costume Inventory Resources for free.  

dbPix-30-2017.exe - this is a program that is installed automatically by the installation program. dbPix manages the image processing in the database.  It allows you to view the photos, zoom, and include them in reports.  The file name may be a little different than what is above as new versions are issued by the company that makes the product.  Costume Inventory Resources has a Distribution License for the program so there are no licensing issues with installing this on your computer or network.

FRE3OF9X.ttf - this is a free Barcode Font file.  Several of the Rental receipts and Repair tags have both the tag ID's and the barcode printed on the report.  This font file will print the barcode data as a barcode.  This allows you to scan the printed report to check an item in rather than scanning the actual tag.  To install this file you just double click on the file name and it will install in the Windows Font folder.

Download the Resource Guide to installing the Barcode Font File.  

TheatreInventory.ico  This is an icon file that is used by the shortcut to the Theatre Inventory Database application.  A shortcut to the database is created during the installation and the icon is used.  You will see the shortcut on the desktop.

Where is the database installed?

During the installation you will be asked to confirm the default destination folder (C:\Costume Inventory Resources\Theatre Inventory Database) or create your own.  Unless you are installing it on a network drive you should keep the default drive.

Installation Options

Downloading MS Access RunTime

Installation Information

Installing Barcode Font

32 bit vs 64 bit version of the Theatre Inventory Database

There are two versions of MS Access (2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365).  There is a 32 bit version and a 64 bit verison.  This is confusing as the version of MS Windows is 64 bit.  You can install either one on your computer we recommend using the 32 bit version unless your organization has a reason for using the 64 bit version of MS Access/Office.

To figure out which  version of MS Access you have on your computer - download the Resource Guide that shows you how to tell which version you have.  

The database you download from the website is the 32 bit version.  If you need the 64 bit version, contact check the website for the 64 bit page or Costume Inventory Resources and we will happily send it to you.  

Determining MS Access Version

Installing the Theatre Inventory Database on a Mac

MS Access and the Theatre Inventory database can be installed on a Mac using additional software.  Download the Resources Guide to see the software needed and the steps involved.

Install MS Access & DB on Mac

Security Messages:  

Once you open the Theatre Inventory Database it should go directly to a set up screen.  If instead you see a message like this one -> it means that the Trust Center Settings are not set up yet.

Look at the Resource Guide "System Requirements / Installation / Security Information" for information on setting the Trust Center settings.  Once those are set you can exit the application (File / Exit) and open it again.

What have you added to your binder?

  • Resource Guide:  Downloading MS Access Runtime

  • Resource Guide:  System Requirements / Installation / Security Information

  • Resource Guide:  Installing the Barcode Font File

  • Resource Guide:  Determining which version of MS Access you have

  • Resource Guide:  Installing MS Access on a Mac

What’s next ?

    Computer Basics - Lesson 3:  Sharing The Database on a Network

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