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Become the Expert !

Become The Expert is a series of Free online lessons that help students and costume/props shop professionals learn about creating an inventory, steps to plan and prepare the shop for the inventory project and the essential skills needed to use the Theatre Inventory Database.

Each lesson comes with an exercise (questions, small projects to complete, etc) that you, the student will complete and email to us.  We will give you feedback on each exercise.  Once you complete all the exercises you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

You can do the lessons without the exercises if you want but we ask you to please sign up (see button below) so we have your contact information in case you need help.

Lessons & exercises to become proficient in:

    ✽ Inventory Fundamentals

    ✽ Computer Basics

    ✽ Inventory Planning & Preparation

    ✽ Theatre Inventory Database Essential Skills

Complete all the exercises and earn a Certificate of Completion !

Questions ??  

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   1)  How do I Start?  

     2) “Become the Expert” Bookshelf
    3) Questions

    4) Hardware and Software Requirements

    5) How to submit Exercises

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Inventory Fundamentals
Computer basics
Inventory Planning

C.  Inventory Planning & Preparation

     1) Planning and Budget

    2) Costume/Props Inventory Day

    3) Physical Space Analysis


Coming Soon !

DB Essentials

D.  Theatre Inventory Database Essential Skills

    1) Software Registration and Application Setup

    2) Utilities

    3) Costume Pieces

    4) Patterns

    5) Performers / Renters / Individuals

    6) Performance Management

    7) Props/Sets

    8) Productions

    9) Rentals

Coming Soon !

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